Owego House Productions – small, smart and experienced

Shoot where you are

We travel with a small kit and can shoot anywhere.

Work Efficiently

With proper planning, everything falls into place.

Crazy ideas welcome here

A steam-punk pack of cards, a yarn-covered tree and a flying monkey? We can do that.

Print & packaging

DVD covers that tie-in with your trade-show banners, packaging and sales flyers.

This isn't going to hurt a bit!

In the end, it's all about you. We listen first and encourage you to ask questions. You need to be comfortable with the process and satisfied with the end result.

Look at what we've been doing!

(You've got to see it to believe it)

A small, smart and experienced production company.

Recent work

Getting the DiRT out

The director of the Dickinson Research Team (DiRT) needed a video to promote their residential community-based research program, the first of its kind in the United States, they gathered some photos and...

Advancing Inspiration

Inspiring Interest

They wanted a feel-good, inspirational video for their website about what they do as corporate consultants.  After a short over-the phone interview, I was given a list of words describing...

Web teaser

A local radio station needed a little teaser for their web advertising.  They supplied the audio and I supplied the After Effects.

Getting the surveys out

A hospital was undertaking a major revamp of their patient care processes. They came to me with a bunch of footage they shot to encourage everyone to participate in their...

Antique & Unique Bike Day

The ORBC is a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to improving life in the Village of Owego, best known helping residents rebuild after the floods of 2006 & 2011.  I joined the...

The man with the moves

Chris Capehart is the man with the moves and he is most famous for this three ring routine.  It’s his mastery of the link and unlink that I really wanted...

The floating pips

“How can I show you how cool this deck is without giving away any secrets?” That was the question magician Garrett Thomas asked me when we started shooting the trailer...

A Company that listens

Owego House is small, so we can give you the kind of personal service and quality you would expect from a Mom and Pop production shop.  We listen to your...

Doc Eason

This was a long project, the performances were shot during a fun weekend of magic at the Cellar Restaurant.  The interviews and explanations took a little more time as we...

St. Patrick School

This local Catholic school needed to increase it’s enrollment and they asked us to tell their story.  

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