Owego House Productions – Page 2 – small, smart and experienced

Shoot where you are

We travel with a small kit and can shoot anywhere.

Work Efficiently

With proper planning, everything falls into place.

Crazy ideas welcome here

A steam-punk pack of cards, a yarn-covered tree and a flying monkey? We can do that.

Print & packaging

DVD covers that tie-in with your trade-show banners, packaging and sales flyers.

This isn't going to hurt a bit!

In the end, it's all about you. We listen first and encourage you to ask questions. You need to be comfortable with the process and satisfied with the end result.

Look at what we've been doing!

(You've got to see it to believe it)

A small, smart and experienced production company.

Recent work

The last Theater

When the last privately owned movie theater in Tioga County was threatened with closure, a few friends and I organized a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to buy...

Not so primitive anymore

In Candor NY there is a man who sits in his backyard and re-creates a weapon used by cavemen to hunt Mammoths.   He needed a DVD to explain not only...

Ride the Body

We had a lot of fun creating an experimental instructional DVD as a companion to the book “Peter Leone’s Show Jumping Clinic”.   Dr. Jaussi convinced one of her friends to...

A call for help after the flood

After the devastating flood of 2011 I thought we were not getting the attention and help we needed.  So, I got involved with the Owego Revitalization and Betterment Corporation to...

The animal sanctuary

We were approached to do a fundraising video for an endangered animal sanctuary. We used multiple interviews to create a compelling story for the video and created the graphics for...

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